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Notes on the Creative Process

田中 裕子  |  Yuko Tanaka




The rising and setting sun, the begging and ending of life, it is in these moments that I feel the slow but relentless passage of time and a sense of quiet stillness.

The true essence of life lies within this stillness; I strive to express this theme through my works. I first discovered beauty in stillness when I encountered a desiccated hydrangea in the mountains.

It was summertime, and everything was lush green. However, this melancholic hydrangea had a certain beauty to it, and I felt the indescribable passage of time when I looked at it. It was as if the desiccated scene was insisting on the importance of life, making me momentarily believe that I was at one with nature, and this left me in awe. My encounter with the hydrangea encourage me to depict nature simply, as it is; since then, I have preferred to portray plant life.

At the moment  when I feel the greatest joy while painting, the painting manifests emotions on its own. I hope to continue creating art while developing my sensibilities and to become an artist who can capture nature's feelings.

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